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Recommended Art and Other Information Sources

  • Washington Trails Association
    A wonderful resource for back country travelers in Washington state. Consider joining them just for the beautiful photos, equipment reviews and informative articles including cooking in the wild. Another great benefit is their support of volunteer trail construction and maintenance.
  • The best family hair art studio in Seattle.
  • Don't read this book if laughing out loud is a problem!
  • Paintings done in the ancient medium of egg tempera.
  • My Egg Tempera Page
    Created by Hugues Delbergue, a talented French egg tempera painter.
  • Hugues Delbergue Artwork
    Symbolist paintings by this master of egg tempera.
  • Vincent Van Gogh
    Everything about Vincent's life and work.(You can change the language at the top of the page displayed.)
  • Visit My Studio from 2003-2012 and other Seattle Artist Studios via VR Photography. You will need to scroll down to find Rosemary Antel in the random thumbnails.

  • More of my pages

  • Visit My Etsy shop Oil Colors on Copper.
  • Visit my website featuring original oil paintings on copper.
  • My Blog
    My daily painting blog featuring small oil paintings done frequently.
  • My Other Blog
    Musings about the how of living an artful life and the why of art and beauty.